11 Kid Friendly Farm Animals That Make the Best Pets

11 Kid Friendly Farm Animals That Make the Best Pets

Many people are intimidated by the idea of owning a farm animal as a pet. They think that they will be too big, smell bad, or need too much space to take care of properly. However, there are actually many farm animals that make great pets for kids! These eight kid-friendly farm animals should be at the top of your list if you are looking for something new and exciting to bring into your family!

1. Goats

Goats are definitely among the best farm animals for pets! They are fairly quiet and easy to care for; they just need a place to be tied when they’re not being let out in your backyard to graze. Kids can go up and pet goats and even pick them up without too much trouble, and best of all, no one will mind if they bring their little minions inside…goats can be potty trained! As long as you keep the door shut behind the goat when it’s indoors with you, there won’t be any messes left to clean up! In fact, children who have ADHD actually benefit from spending time around goats because it has been shown to greatly reduce any hyperactivity that may occur.

Goats are best known for their dairy products, but many people don’t realize that some breeds actually produce meat too. If you consider yourself to be an animal lover, then there is no way you won’t fall in love with goats!

They’re just too darn cute and friendly!

2. Chickens

You may remember the old adage, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Well, in many ways, that is true for chickens! Chickens are best known for their eggs, but what you may not know is that hens will often go broody and try to hatch whatever they can find to sit on. You can actually let your little ones collect nature’s finest peepers all day long if they want because you’ll never run out of eggs to eat!

Chickens make great pets for kids because they provide food without much work (just give them fresh water every day), and they don’t take up nearly as much room as cows or pigs do. They’re also fairly quiet too; the only real noise they make is when they cluck at each other or squawk to be let out of their coop. Chickens also have a very calm disposition, so they won’t ever try to run away from your children either!

3. Ducks

Ducks are best known for being waterfowl and best friends with geese, but did you know that they’re also fantastic pets too? Keeping ducks as pets poses a few minor challenges since they do need a place where they can swim and bathe regularly without getting into the neighbor’s pool, but considering how many fresh eggs your kids can collect from these sweet little guys, it’s completely worth it! There are many breeds of ducks; some lay white eggs while others lay brown ones. In fact, some breeds will even lay colored eggs too! As long as you feed your ducks a diet rich in protein, they’ll remain healthy and happy for many years to come.

4. Rabbits

Bunnies are best known for their floppy little noses and adorable faces, but did you know that they’re also fantastic pets too? As long as your children like rabbits (and there’s no reason why they wouldn’t), then bunnies make for great family pets. They’re best friends to adults who want something furry in their lives, yet they still provide plenty of benefits for kids too! Bunnies can be litter box trained, so if you don’t mind buying a second litter box, you won’t have to clean up any messes either. Rabbits also love to chew, so if your kids get tired of playing with the bunny, then at least they will get plenty of exercise climbing on the furniture or trying to get into bookshelves!

5. Sheep

Sheep are best known as being best friends with goats and cows, but best friends usually like hanging out together, right? That’s why there is no better pet than a sheep because they’ll get along great with all other farm animals too! Just make sure that when you introduce them into each other’s company, you watch closely just in case any bullying or physical abuse starts happening. You don’t want anybody getting hurt! There is nothing more precious than watching a toddler learning how to navigate an obstacle course for sheep either; it’s pretty much guaranteed to be absolutely adorable every time! 

6. Geese

Geese are best known as being best friends to ducks and swans, but best friends usually like hanging out together, right? As long as you keep geese in a secluded area or pen where they won’t be bothered by other animals (or people), then your kids will love them just as much as other farm animals. Geese have a very sweet disposition, and they’re best known for being incredibly friendly too! If you want a pet that will also provide some extra protection around the homestead, then choose a goose because they aren’t afraid to stand up for their family if necessary.

8. Alpaca

Alpacas are best known as big fuzzy balls of happiness, but did you know that there is more than one type of alpaca? There are actually three different breeds of alpacas, and each has its own personality too! The best part about buying an alpaca is that they can live in nearly any climate because they have a very thick undercoating. Plus, since alpacas are best known for producing soft fibers, then you’ll be able to sell your excess wool to local producers too! Alpacas are also best friends with llamas, so if you own one or both, then your children will love them even more because there are plenty of places to climb on them depending on what kind of breed either animal happens to be.

9. Birds

Birds are best known for being best friends to chickens and ducks, but best friends usually like hanging out together, right? Birds are extremely affectionate pets because they love cuddling with their best friend humans too. If you decide that you’d like to bring a bird into your home, then just make sure that you have the proper housing available–especially if it’s a smaller bird who happens to be best friends with canaries or parakeets. Just remember that birds are always best in pairs, so if you want two of them, then you’ll need twice as much housing space, or else one will become very lonely without its best friend pet!

10. Hamsters

Hams are best known as best friends with mice and gerbils, but best friends usually like hanging out together, right? As long as your child is old enough to understand how to handle hamsters (which shouldn’t be a problem because these best friends love human contact), then you won’t find a better pet for them. Hamsters should always be kept in groups of two or more, so they don’t get lonely; plus, if you let your kids name their best friend hamster, then there’s a good chance that it will become the most popular pet in town too!

11. Ferrets

Ferrets are best known as best buddies to cats or other ferrets, but best friends usually like hanging out together, right? Just remember that ferrets will use the litter box when they need to go potty, so be sure to give them one if they ask for it–otherwise, they might make a mess on your carpet instead! They also love running around in tunnels and going into new cages because it feels like a fun new adventure for them too. Just be sure that before you bring ferrets into your home that you have the proper best friends for them to play with.

BONUS: Tortoise

When it comes to best friends with tortoises, there’s nothing better than an African Sulcata Tortoise. These tortoises are best known for their massive sizes, and they need plenty of places to roam around–not including kitchen cabinets or other rooms in your house either! If you decide that you’d like to bring a tortoise into your home, then just make sure that you have the right kind of housing available. Otherwise, this pet will become unhappy rather quickly. Also, remember that these best friends can live for over 100 years, too, so be prepared for a long-term commitment when you consider choosing them as best friends instead of another farm animal.

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