Are Goats High Maintenance? (A Goat Farmer Weighs In)

Are Goats High Maintenance?
Are Goats High Maintenance?

Ever looked at a goat and thought, nobody can be as cute as this four-legged minion? Yes! Likewise. Goats are trouble makers, but deep down, they are lovely animals, and on the plus side, they can be semi-domesticated.

Goats are not high maintenance, but there are some factors that you need to consider before you make an assumption about they are easy to keep or not. They are more like cats and can take care of themselves, even if they are set free (but only in some ways). But if we consider other factors, they are not so good. Such as, they will go barging into the garden if you are not looking. They can mess up the laundry and destroy everything in their way without losing their cool. They could be super-affectionate in one minute, and the other minute you will see that they are charging at you and start headbutting you. Their behavior can be somewhat compared to cats.

Additionally, milk goats are not high maintenance. They are tamer, less homicidal, and don’t cause as much damage as other types of goats. But, you have to ensure that you are milking them once a day unless you are making plans on dealing with the kids too.

Well, if you have made up your mind about getting a goat, you don’t have to run backward just because these are high maintenance. Goats are lovely animals. If tamed, they can be pretty friendly and will show their affection by rubbing their head on your body.

Are goats difficult to care of?

Most goats are easy to keep, and you can take care of them easily. But, if you are a total beginner, you must be prepared beforehand because, for a newcomer, the task can be quite tedious.

Research on the internet about what kind of care does a goat need? Primary goat care can quickly be learned. If you want to take practical classes on goat care, consider giving a call to your nearby goat farming agency or livestock manager, and he will fill you in with the necessary details.

Are goats expensive to keep?

As a whole, goats aren’t expensive to keep. I have been keeping goats at my barn for quite a while now. Now, there are some costs of electricity, water, and feed, but other than that, there are no additional costs whatsoever. If you are looking to purchase a goat, don’t worry about the expenses, but ensure to realign the purpose of a goat that what are you buying it for. Do you need it for milk or for goat farming?

How much does it cost to take care of a goat?

Taking care of a goat won’t cost you much money, but there are some expenses that you will have to bear after your initial goat purchase and fencing supplies. These costs include proper housing, clean food and water, and adequate heating in winters. Other than that, taking care of goats requires little money.

What is the easiest goat to take care of?

Pygmy goats are easy to take care of. Other than that milk giving goats and elder goats can easily be taken care of. They have a friendly nature and won’t start headbutting you every time you push them away.

What goats are best for beginners?

The word “best” depends upon the type of goat that you want to acquire. There are many categories of goats, such as dairy goats, meat giving goats, baby giving goats, and several others. Every goat under its specific goat breed has its own purpose. Depending upon the choice, you should consider searching for the best milk-giving goat breed or best meat-giving goats, etc.

To sum it all, even if you are a beginner, the choice really matters if it fits the purpose. The purpose of the acquisition of a goat will determine what kind of goat you should purchase.

Can goats be kept as pets?

Goat keeping is a process. It is not like you are dealing with pets. They are livestock, but they can be kept as pets.

Suppose you gave me a choice between choosing a dog, a cat, or a goat. I will gladly choose a goat over other pets any day. They are wonderful companions if tamed and taught. But here are some little things that you should take note of if you are categorizing them as pets.

  • Goats cannot be kept in the living room. Would you prefer a goat in your living room? They will make a mess there. Goats like freedom, and therefore you cannot keep them contained inside your room.
  • Goats love goats. You might have seen a single goat causing so much trouble to its owner. Believe me; I had run this experiment on one of my goats (she wasn’t happy when I took her to a lonely place). People think that their single goat is satisfied in the barn, but trust me, she’ll go crazy in no time. Goats are herd animals and must be kept in herds.
  • Goats are high maintenance in some cases, but it means that you are doing business. And doing business comes with its costs. Along with the price, you will have to manually do everything for them.
  • Goats don’t belong in urban areas. These are farm animals and need free space. While other pets can be contained in urban areas and you can walk with them on roads, but goat as a pet and on a busy highway? Well, that’s a lot of trouble for so little money.
  • They are escape artists. Adequate security measures must be taken if you don’t want to lose your goat. But you will have to tame and teach your goat that you are friends. One of my goats tried to escape, and I had to take her inside my room and ran my hands over her head all night long. Till now, she is the only one that makes happy noises whenever she sees me.

Bottom line

Goats aren’t high maintenance, but they can’t be kept as pets. You cannot keep them in cities, let alone in your room. They are full of life and want to live their life freely. Goats deserve to live a more open life, with more space and freedom, and that is why they can’t be kept inside the house. Other than that, if you have made a proper barn for them, then they can easily be managed.

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