Black And White Chickens and Roosters: Rare and Expensive Breeds

For someone interested in more than just a pretty face or curious about what kind of eggs they lay, black and white chickens are not the right choice. This breed does not lay particularly more eggs than other kinds of chickens. It would also be difficult to raise them for their meat since they are not the fattest of breeds. They are, however, very friendly and intelligent birds that can become great pets.

20 Rare White Chicken Breeds You Should Raise On Your Farm

You’ve always wanted to raise chickens on your farm, and now you’re trying to figure out which rare white chicken breeds would be best for the environment. Or maybe you’re just looking for a good egg-laying hen or pet chicken? This blog post will help! I’ll tell you about twenty white chicken breeds that are great for different purposes and environments. 

Can Goats Eat Watermelon? (A Veterinarian Guides)

Goats are mischievous little minions who love eating treats, but this doesn’t mean that you should start testing every human food on them. There are various food choices when it comes to giving treats for goats, and Watermelon is a wise choice to feed your goats while they are bleating and dancing around.

Are Goats High Maintenance? (A Goat Farmer Weighs In)

Goats are not high maintenance, but there are some factors that you need to consider before you make an assumption about they are easy to keep or not. They are more like cats and can take care of themselves, even if they are set free (but only in some ways). But if we consider other factors, they are not so good. Such as, they will go barging into the garden if you are not looking.