Can Goats Eat Blackberries? [SHORT READ]

If you’ve ever had a blackberry bush in your yard, you know how quickly the berries can take over. They grow in such abundance and it seems like they fruit all year round. If you have a small garden or are trying to keep the brambles out of your yard, planting them might not be the best idea.

While some people think that goats are wonderful weeders, their appetite for blackberries may outweigh any benefit they bring to your garden. With proper fencing though, having these lovely creatures around can be very beneficial overall!

Can goats eat blackberries?

Yes, but they should be ripe blackberries because the un-ripe ones are high in tannic acid which is bad for goats. They may act like they are thirsty and only drink water, so their diet needs to include plenty of hay or pasture along with grain to keep them healthy.

Can goats eat blackberry leaves?

No, not only is the tannic acid in them bad for the goat, but also they would most likely be full before it had a chance to eat and digest enough of the blackberry leaves to get any benefit from them.

Can goats eat blackberries and leaves?

If you make sure there are other plants available in their diet besides blackberry plants, then it is okay for your goats to eat some ripe (not green) berries and leaves that grow on your native plants such as Blackberry plants.

How many blackberries can a goat eat?

You should limit the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables consumed by your goats because they contain more water than fiber which means there isn’t very much nutrition in them per pound.

You should feed 1-2% of their body weight in fresh fruit and vegetables per day. This means that the average sized goat will eat maybe one to two pounds of fresh fruit and vegetable matter per day, not counting what they may pick up off the ground while grazing (which is good for them).

Can goats eat blackberries fruit?

Yes, fresh blackberries are okay for your goats to eat in limited quantities. The ripe ones have a better nutritional value because the seeds inside them provide protein and the fiber content is higher which helps control blood sugar levels.

Can pregnant goats eat blackberries?

No, not only are they high in tannic acid which has been known to cause abortions, but too much of any fruit can cause them problems with loose bowels.

Do goats eat blackberry bushes?

No, they prefer to browse on leaves and new shoots.

Can goats eat blackberries vines?

Yes, although most of their nutrition comes from the leaves not summer fruit or fall/winter fruit.

Do goats eat blackberry bushes noxious weed seeds?

Goats are browsers which means they like to eat mostly new shoots and tender leafy growth rather than woody brush and weeds. However if it is necessary for them to remove a large amount at one time you should monitor them very closely so they don’t become ill or even die after eating too many noxious weed seeds. They can cause internal blockage in their digestive system because the indigestible ones swell up inside them when they get moist.

Do goats eat blackberry brambles?

No, blackberry brambles are a thorny weed which goats don’t like to eat. They prefer browsing on leaves and new shoots.

Can blackberries hurt a goat?

Yes, if the blackberry plant has spines then goats will become ill from eating them because the indigestible seeds swell up inside their digestive system as they pass through it. This can cause internal blockage and even death from lack of water to stay hydrated unless you catch them quickly enough and help them by lubricating the swelling with mineral oil. If this is not caught in time they may be killed from dehydration or ruptured organs due to bloating caused by a throat full of swollen prickly seeds that won’t let any water pass around them through the digestive tract.

Do goats eat blackberry canes?

No, goats are browsers which means they prefer to eat leaves and new shoots off of bushes and vines instead of woody canes.

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