Can Goats Eat Crab Apples? [2 Minute Read]

Goats like to eat mostly anything, including fruits and vegetables, which makes them good pets for gardeners. While they will often browse on bushes and other plants in a backyard orchard, there are several kinds of fruit trees that make especially suitable snacks.

Goats are able to safely eat crabapple trees, if they can reach them. A standard-sized mature tree will be too tall for most goats, but it’s possible that your pet may nibble on a young sapling or fruit tree in someone else’s yard. If you keep any fruit trees intended for human consumption, however, it’s important that you don’t let your goat eat the fruit in its unripe state, or even when it is ripe.

Many of the same toxins that affect humans are poisonous to animals like goats, and eating apples with chemical residue on them can sicken or kill your pet.

Can goats eat crab apple trees?

Many people are unsure whether or not goats can eat crab apple trees. While some types of crabs are poisonous, the fruit is typically safe for goats to eat, although it shouldn’t be their only source of food.

Goats will usually go for any type of red fruit or berry that they come across during their normal daily routine. A goat’s diet should consist mostly of grass hay and small amounts of browse (tree leaves). They should not be allowed to graze on alfalfa fields as this will cause them to develop urinary calculi which can lead to blockage in the urethra if left untreated.

However, there have been cases where goats have eaten too many apples from apple trees and have gained weight rapidly. If you are looking for a cheap source of fresh fruit, consider planting an apple tree in the backyard so that your goats can eat all they want!

Goats are picky eaters by nature but when given free access to apples, they will not hesitate to chow down. Of course, any changes in their diet should be made slowly or else indigestion may occur. You also need to keep an eye on them at all times while they’re munching on their snack because there is the possibility that the branches they’re standing on might not hold their weight and cause them harm.

Can goats eat crab apple tree leaves?

No, it is not advisable for goats to eat the leaves of a crabapple tree.

Crab apple trees are beautiful landscape plants because of their small colorful blossom clusters in shades of red, pink and white. The leaves will fall but offer great hiding areas for garden wildlife such as rabbits and deer.

Crab apple tree leaves are toxic to both humans and animals alike so proper precautions should be taken when planting crab apple trees at your home or on your property. When eaten by either human or animal, symptoms range from mild stomach aches to severe diarrhea with vomiting that could cause dehydration. Consuming large amounts can lead to death.

How often to feed my goats with crab apples?

You should never feed your goats crab apples. You can plant them on your property or orchard if you like, but make sure there are proper barriers to keep the animals out of the trees.

It is essential that you wash any fruits and vegetables thoroughly before feeding to livestock. Make sure there is no pesticide residue left on the rinds of either fruit or vegetable sources before feeding them to farm animals.

Can my dairy goat eat crab apple tree leaves?

No, it is not advisable for your dairy goat to eat the leaves of a crabapple tree. The leaves contain cyanide which when eaten may cause listlessness, lack of appetite, staggering movements and even death in large quantities within a short period time span. It is best to plant crab apple trees at least 100 feet away from your goat’s pen.

Cyanide poisoning also known as hydrocyanic acid poisoning is most common in cassava leaves, bamboo shoots and some stone fruits such as apricot kernels. We all want healthy dairy goats for the milk they produce but it is important that you know what foods contain cyanogenic glycosides before feeding these to your livestock.

Can goats have crab apples juice?

It is not recommended to give your goats crab apples juice as it may cause gastrointestinal upset and diarrhea.

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