Can Goats Eat Moldy Hay? Safety Guide 2022

Some new goat owners have lost their goats as a result of improper feeding. And this is due to the widespread belief among goat owners that they can feed their goats anything. This is frequently poisonous plants to goats, they may result in severe illness or even death.

If you are a goat owner and find some moldy hay in your storage, you might be hesitant to feed it to your goat since you are unsure of its safety. Find out in this blog post if goats can eat moldy hay or not. When you find out that your goat has eaten something dangerous, you will learn what you should do.

Can goats eat moldy hay?

No, you shouldn’t give your goat moldy hay to eat because it can upset their stomach and result in instant death. In goats, moldy hay can cause anorexia, drooling, and lethargy.

Moldy hay can have negative effects on goats, including the risk of abortion in pregnant goats. If goats only eat a small amount of moldy hay, the least harmful impact is bloating. Baking soda can still be used to lessen this impact.

Can I feed my goats moldy hay?

The short answer is no. As I’ve already mentioned, goats are known for their resilience when it comes to their nutrition. They can eat items that we wouldn’t even consider appetizing, such as tree bark, despite the fact that their reputation exceeds theirs in many respects. They are not impervious, though. They must never consume any moldy food. For reasons identical to mine, moldy hay is a very prominent problem.

It’s tougher to store than you might expect, which is why so many goat owners find themselves in my position. If this is the case and you’re wondering if your goats can still eat the hay, the answer is no. Goats are lethal to mold in a variety of ways. Never ever should you give your goats moldy hay or anything else that is moldy. The fact that the word “mold” doesn’t define a single object contributes to the problem.

It serves as a catch-all phrase for a wide variety of mushrooms with varied taxonomies. There are countless species, and each one can have devastating consequences. Can mold actually harm goats, then?

Can moldy hay harm goats?

Indeed, it can, and in very significant ways. The trouble with mold is that it harbors so many different bacteria that your goats could experience a wide range of related health issues. It doesn’t matter that the mold is on hay since it’s still hazardous. Listeriosis is one of the main diseases connected to mold consumption.

The primary cause of this bacterial infection in sheep and goats is, you guessed it, moldy hay. Encephalitis, blood infections, and even miscarriages in pregnant do can all be brought on by listeriosis. And listeriosis is just the beginning of the problem. As I’ve already shown, there are many terrible diseases connected to every single species of mold, which is a taxonomically extremely diverse group.

Again, do not ever take any chances since moldy hay can harm or even kill goats. It is preferable to throw away the majority of the hay if even a small amount of mold is discovered in your storage. Restart, be cautious, and take the long view.

Why are goats poisoned by moldy hay?

Mycotoxins, a toxic compound found in moldy hay, are dangerous to goats and other agricultural animals. Depending on how much moldy hay the goat eats, mycotoxin might have a mild or lethal effect. Goats and other farm animals may develop listeriosis as a result of mycotoxin. Mycotoxins have the power to harm a goat’s body system’s key organs. It may cause death by upsetting the goats’ internal systems and weakening their defenses.

Can goats die from moldy hay?

When your goat has eaten everything you feed her and you are unable to replace her supplies, it might be a serious issue. The goats may be forced to forage for food on their own as a result of this. At this point, they don’t care if something is harmful or safe when it comes their way. If they come upon moldy hay in this situation, there is a chance they will eat it in large quantities. If your goats consume moldy hay, it might be fatal. They will become seriously ill as a result, and they will pass away.

What should I do if my goat eats moldy hay?

Sometimes the goat eats something accidentally without realizing that it could be very harmful to them. Your goats may experience this if they unintentionally eat moldy hay. Do not panic or become worried when you see that your goats have eaten moldy hay so as not to scare the goat away.

The consequences of the moldy hay on the goats, however, are immediate, so you must act to control them. If you find that your goat is bloating, the first thing you should feed them is baking soda. To lessen the bloat in the goats, get some baking soda and add it to the water they are drinking.

Additionally, you can increase thiamine levels in goats and prevent polio by giving a goat-fortified vitamin B shot. For effective action, administer probiotic paste and give them the milk of magnesia at a five-hour interval. Prepare to see the veterinarian as soon as you can if the illness is out of control in order to save the goat’s life.

The effects of moldy hay on goats can be severe, depending on how much they have consumed. You should not let your goats eat moldy hay. When eaten in sufficient numbers, moldy hay can make the goats die. If you have moldy hay in your storage, you should take all reasonable steps to remove it from the goat.


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