Can Goats Eat Oat Hay? [1 Minute Read]

Can Goats Eat Oat Hay? [1 Minute Read]

The case of the oat hay and goats has been a perplexing one. We know that they can eat it, but what else? How much of it can they eat? Do we need to feed them more than once a day with the hay? Is this just an old wives’ tale, or is there scientific evidence supporting or disproving this claim? 

These questions will be answered in the following blog post.

Is Oat hay good for goats?

Yes, it is. It contains many nutrients and does not give them gas like other types of hay might do.

Goats can eat oat hay as much as they want to, even though they may overdo eating it because of how good it tastes. However, some people frown on the idea that goats should be fed anything more than once a day with this type of hay. They claim that if you provide them with the oat hay more than once a day, they will overeat and get fat quickly.

Is wild oat hay good for alpine goats?

Wild oat hay is considered “white gold” by goat farmers. It is typically costly but well worth it to the goats because they love it so much. However, you know that there are many benefits of feeding them this type of hay. For one, they are known to have an easier time digesting this type of feed compared to other types because it’s more coarse in texture and contains less sugar. Oats are also full of great nutrients, minerals, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron, among other things!

How Much Oat Hay Can Goats Eat?

It varies depending on each goat’s nutritional needs. Some may eat a lot, while others may only eat a little bit at a time. Typically, you will find that goats want to eat this type of hay whenever they can get their mouths on it until they have fully consumed all of what’s there.

Can baby goats eat oat hay?

Yes, they can! Either right at birth or even a few weeks after their birth. It is good and healthy for them to eat this type of hay as soon as possible because it helps them strengthen their immune system and improve digestion. If you wait a few weeks until they start trying to eat solid food before feeding them oat hay, you will probably notice that the grass has more nutrients in it by then, making it even better for your baby goats to eat.

Oat and rye hay for goats

People often wonder if it’s okay to feed their goats’ oat and rye hay together. The answer is that they can eat both types of hay simultaneously, but only if the two are mixed and eaten as a small batch at one time. This way, your goat will still feel like they’re eating something new because there will be distinct flavors within the mix.

Pea and Barley hay for goats

People also wonder if they can feed their goats pea and barley hay together. The answer is that you absolutely cannot let them eat either type of hay by itself but must mix the two, so they are being fed something different with each batch of hay. If not, your goat will feel bored because the flavor isn’t new enough to keep it interested in eating any more than one or two bites per day.

Can Goats Eat Oat Straw??

Another question that people often ask us is if it’s okay to feed goats oat straw. The answer is simple: yes, it’s perfectly fine to feed them oats straw as long as you mix it in with other types of hay. It is certainly not bad for their health and will provide them with the nutrients they need daily.

Which hay is better for goats? Rye or Oat?

It does not matter which type of hay you choose to feed your goats, just as long as it is a fresh batch that has been stored in a dry place. Providing them something moldy or spoiled for no reason other than to see if they will eat it anyway is abuse and should be punished accordingly.

Does oat hay have an excellent nutritional and feed value for goats?

Yes, oat hay is very nutritious and full of natural flavors that make it easy for your goats to digest. If you see them eating the hay eagerly every time they get a chance to eat some more, then you know that it has all the nutrients in it that they need!


In conclusion, from the above article, we can say that although there are many benefits of feeding your goat with oat hay, there are also people out there who claim to have raised their goats successfully without giving them any oats at all.

Oat hay can be good for the health of the animals and provide them with nutrients, but it also has its drawbacks. If you have any further questions about whether or not your goat should eat oat hay, be sure to contact your veterinarian, who knows more than I do!

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