Can Goats Eat Strawberries?

Can You Feed Your Goats Strawberries?

For many years, our family has raised goats in our home, and we feed our goats the same food we consume. That’s how we figured out what our goats loved to eat and what they didn’t.

Rewarding your farm animals with odd but healthy food is a thoughtful gesture that we should all adopt. Strawberries are a tasty fruit and goats love to eat strawberries. When they see their favorite food being served, goats are possibly the only farm animals who get as thrilled as humans.

Obviously, pasture is at the top of their list of favorite foods, but raisins, greens, asparagus, chaffhaye carrots, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds aren’t far behind.

For animals like goats, there is a vast list of odd fruits and vegetables that are considered the healthiest. Strawberries are one of the gratifying fruits that many livestock keepers give to their animals as a treat. In today’s topic, we’ll look at how to feed strawberries to goats, as well as the benefits and cons of doing so. Wait a minute, because we’re going to start with the most commonly googled question: 

Can goats eat strawberries?

Is it possible for goats to eat strawberries? Yes, goats can eat strawberries, much like most vegetables and fruit treats, but not as a normal component of their diet during strawberry season. If strawberries are fed on a regular basis, they make a great treat.

 Goats can eat strawberries, but do they enjoy them?

Goats aren’t discriminating eaters and will eat anything they come across on the plate. So, how can one assume goats have another alternative when something is good to the taste buds?

The proper approach to feed strawberries on a regular basis

When the strawberry season starts, it’s a good idea to set aside one or two days to indulge in strawberry treats (in moderation). Going above figure two might be risky, so if you can’t stand the look goats put on when they receive what they want, treat them twice a week; otherwise, once a week should be plenty.

Strawberry isn’t very hard on goats’ jaws, but it shouldn’t be dumped into the goats’ feeding pot whole. They should be completely cleaned.

Bonus suggestion: All fruits and vegetables, not only strawberries, should be given after being chopped into small, readily digestible bits.

Feed Fresh Strawberries

If you buy strawberries to feed the goats, make sure you take them straight from the plant so they don’t go bad. The stomach of a goat is quite delicate, therefore feeding it rotten vegetables or fruits might cause problems.

WebMD claims that Strawberries are high in various essential vitamins and minerals that humans and animals require to live a healthy existence. If you’ve decided to treat your goats to strawberries this season, you shouldn’t do it on the basis of a hunch. Let’s look at the vitamins and minerals that strawberries contain.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Fiber
  • Folic acid
  • Manganese
  • Potassium

Vitamin C.

After grapefruit, lemons, and oranges, strawberries are a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for the life of people, animals, and plants. This enjoyable vitamin is also necessary for their immune system to be strengthened.

Vitamin K 

Vitamin K’s most well-known function is that it aids in the proper functioning of the blood clotting process. Vitamin K supplements are not as popular with goats as other vitamins and minerals, but it is safe for them to eat in modest amounts naturally.


Fiber is an essential macronutrient for goats, as well as any female mammal on the globe, to get through the vital stages of life, such as pregnancy and lactation. Goats also require fiber in order to produce enough milk.

Folic acid 

Another beneficial component of strawberries is folic acid, which aids in the effective functioning of the metabolism. For DNA synthesis and red blood cell creation, farm animals require a sufficient amount of folic acid.


Manganese insufficiency in goats is widespread, and symptoms include a sluggish gait, malformed forelegs, and a low concentration rate. Manganese’s value cannot be overstated, as it contributes to the goat’s body’s stronger foundation by playing a key role in bone development, enzyme function, and cell division.


Potassium is necessary for maintaining a healthy fluid balance in the body. It also assists the metabolism for healthy functioning by keeping the specified function in good operating order.

You now know how useful strawberries can be if we start giving them to our goats on a regular basis. Goats don’t need anything more to receive the potassium, phosphorus, and calcium they need because they already get it from the pasture.

To live a balanced life, goats require selenium, zinc, copper, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, and several vitamins. The goats are unintentionally consuming a lot of these vitamins and minerals.

The vitamins and minerals in strawberries are undoubtedly beneficial for a compact body, but it’s entirely up to you; they’d be OK even if you didn’t add them, and feeding finely chopped strawberries would also be harmless.

Other goat-friendly goodies

.You can also feed other fruits and vegetables to them. Always feed in a limited number of goodies to ensure they are not on a normal diet. You can give both the peels and the fruits of bananas to goats, but make sure they are clean. We’ve talked about giving goats poison ivy and pine needles.

My advice is to

If they’re willing to give it a shot, you should. Goats are the type of animals who thrive on variety, so I think it’s fantastic that you’re introducing a new healthy treat to their diet. Feed a few strawberries first to see whether they like it (some goats will turn away their heads and refuse to eat due to the bitter flavor), then feed more.

If your goats don’t like the flavor, I recommend abandoning the idea of forcing them to eat, as treats should be enjoyable to them.

Finally, should I feed strawberries to my goats?

Yes, I do occasionally feed strawberries to my goats.

In a nutshell, goats can eat strawberries, and it is healthy for them to do so once in a while. Strawberries should only be fed sliced, as whole strawberries can choke goats


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