How much does a goat cost? (Average Price and Profit Margin)

On average, goat costs depend upon their breed, sex, temperament, and age. Sure, these goats are mischievous little minions, but their friendly nature can win many hearts.
How much does a goat cost?
How much does a goat cost?

On average, goat costs depend upon their breed, sex, temperament, and age. Sure, these goats are mischievous little minions, but their friendly nature can win many hearts.

How much does a goat cost in the USA?

Here is a detailed list of goat prices in the USA that you can benefit significantly from if you are looking forward to purchasing a goat.

BreedUnregistered PriceRegistered Price
Anglo Nubian$150-$200$300-$1000
Nigerian Dwarf$100 – $350$300-$650
Pygmy Goat$25-$250$175- $400
American LaMancha$200-$450$200-$600
Kiko$100-$300$200- $1,500
Fainting Goat$50- $300$150-$500
Spanish Goat$100-$300$300-$350
Oberhasli Goat$200-$500$300-$1200
Mixed Breed (Adult Male)$0-$300N/A
Mixed Breed (Adult Female)$0-$400N/A
Mixed Breed (Baby Male)$25-$150N/A
Mixed Breed (Baby Female)$50-$200N/A
Average price of goat in USA

The costs listed above are what we have derived from talking to several farmers and livestock managers.

How to find out the market value of a goat in America?

According to the International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences, the average market price of goats is chiefly affected by their characteristics and attributes such as age, weight, sex, body condition, height, and purpose. On top of that, the buyer’s purpose also plays a significant role in determining the market value of a goat.

How much does a goat cost in the UK?

Goat Farming in the UK is gaining much popularity because people are finding ways to get attached to nature. Besides, who doesn’t like a playful friend who will always be by your side no matter what happens.

Below is the chart that depicts the average price of goats in the UK.

BreedBaby Goat PriceMature Goat Price
British Primitive Goat£218-£600£300-£1400
Anglo Nubian£110-£150£210-£730
Guernsey Cattle£109-£400£180-£400
Clun Forest£72-£250£218-£473
Pygmy Goat£18-£181$175- $400
Fainting Goat£36-£218£109-£363
Spanish Goat£72-£218$218-£254

The numbers mentioned in the chart above are the average prices of goats that you can buy from a local market. Although, it is recommended that you should check the market yourself before you make any decision. The market prices tend to fluctuate and are dependent upon many factors such as buying power, demand & supply, and other related factors.

How to own a goat in the UK?

Owning a goat in the UK isn’t as hard as it is depicted. If you are considering investing your money in goat farming, and are a total beginner, here are some LAW-RELATED things that you need to consider before making any moves.

  • According to the law governing the ownerships of goats in the UK, all goat keepers much obtain a CPH NUMBER and HERD NUMBER. The condition must be met before the acquisition of goats.
  • A record must be kept, which must include every movement from the date of birth to the date of sale. It is recommended that you should consider getting a GOAT RECORD BOOK.
  • Proper MEDICAL RECORDS must be kept at all costs. It is a mandatory legal requirement.
  • Before you consider moving a single goat around here and there, the breeder or seller must obtain and complete the ANIMAL MOVEMENT LICENSES. You can read in detail here.
  • INDIVIDUAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER must be recorded for an individual goat.
  • FALLEN STOCK deaths must be appropriately recorded in the Goat record book.

These rules are constantly changing because of the constant change in the policies of the government regarding Livestock management and animal care.

Can you have a goat as a pet?

Goats make good pets for some people, although these animals are considered farm animals in most cultures. But there are some strings attached if you are considering keeping a house goat as a pet.

Goats can be destructive to the fences and might be loud when they are feeling happy, hungry, and funny. Their loud voices could become a nuisance to you, your family, and your neighbors. Additionally, if you have a male uncastrated goat, you should be extra careful. They can be really aggressive and have a powerful odor. On top of that, their sexual behavior might be quite unpleasant for some people. Male uncastrated goats are strong animals and are difficult to handle if you aren’t experienced. All of these characteristics make them unsuitable as pets.

Can you own a goat in a residential neighborhood?

In most cities, owning a goat in residential neighborhoods is allowed, but you have to check your city laws and ordinance for two things.

  • If goats are allowed within city limits
  • What are the average size limitations as to how many goats you can keep?

Can you walk a goat in public?

It is OK to walk a goat in public in some neighborhoods, but there are strings attached. The goats must be appropriately trained to walk in the general public and must be put on a leash while walking. Therefore, it is recommended that you adequately train your goats and be aware of your goat’s reactions to different kinds of stimuli.

Where to buy a goat?

Buying a goat is fairly easy these days. You can always check your local livestock managers or cattle farms. However, it is recommended that you should complete the legal requirements before purchasing the goat.  Additionally, as the world is getting smaller and most of the business is done on the internet, now you can buy a goat on the internet.

How much profit does a goat farmer can make?

A goat farmer can make up to 50% profit, but you can increase your profit rates from 50% to 80% if you make some significant changes to limit the costs. To do so, you must consider growing feed on your farm. There are some other things to consider too. The profit margin in goat farming is dependent upon many other factors. You must choose the purpose of goat farming before investing your money. Here are some common purposes and practices of goat farming.

  • Meat purpose
  • Milk purpose
  • Breeding purpose
  • Festival purpose


The average costs of goats are fairly dependent upon many external factors as well as internal factors. Internal factors such as breed, age, sex, size, and other characteristics determine the market value of the goats. At the same time, external factors such as buying power, demand & supply, and region play a vital role in determining the costs of goats. If you are considering investing your money in goat farming, study in detail about your city ordinances regarding goat farming, or contact us, and we will help you in any way we can. Happy Farming!

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