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Goats enjoying their leisure time

Goats are the most intelligent creatures on earth, and with this extraordinary intelligence, they can be pretty naughty at times. They have a lot of qualities and are beneficial when it comes to breeding them, but these qualities can quickly lead them to trouble if they get bored. That is why to keep your herd busy in some entertaining activities, I have written a detailed article on how to keep your goats entertained all the time.

How to keep your goats entertained?

Keeping goats entertained and out of trouble is easier than you think. There are numerous ways through which you can keep your goats entertained. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that goats are livestock and will not get entertained as easily as your pets do. That is why you should read the article in detail and find out the best choice for your beloved goats. Here are some things that you can do to keep your herd busy and happy.

Build a scratching station

You might have noticed that goats love scratching their bodies on the walls or anything else that gives them the option to scratch their backs. It allows them to soothe any itches that they are feeling. For their entertainment and for your ease, you can create a small wall of rough-edged bricks or make a post that contains bristle brushes. This will allow them to relax and be entertained all the time.

Create a tumbled pile of stove wood

I have a decade old experience dealing with goats, and that is why I know what most goats like. Goats love to explore, and they certainly thrive on climbing mountains. Well, you can’t provide them a mountain inside your barn, but you can create a tumbled pile of stove wood. Additionally, if you want some more ideas, adding old tires and making small bridges will do the job perfectly. This will keep your goats happier as they will jump here and there.

Use old tires

You can also use old tires that are exhausted from over usage to keep your goats entertained. Goats like to play around with things on a farm, and the best thing you can do for them is to use old tires. Just make sure that these tires aren’t old enough that wires are clinging out of them. You can also join two tires with glue and make a climbing space for your goats.

Incorporate ball games

You might have noticed that goats love playing with colored items. They smell those things and even try to taste them. Therefore, the best you can do for them is get toys for them. Different colored balls will do the job perfectly. Choose balls that are not that firm and are light enough that goats can kick them easily. Ensure that the balls are of moderate size because most goats will try to climb them, and you don’t want that.

Grant them roof access

Goats absolutely love climbing. As it is mentioned above, that you should create a climbing space for them. And what could be the best way to provide them climbing access, other than allowing them to roam freely on the roof of the barn? You can use bricks, rocks, hay bales, and other items to create a climbing structure for them, making it easier for goats to climb on the rooftop. Ensure their safety, and make prior arrangements for their safe exploration. You don’t want your livestock from falling off a roof.

Give treats to your goat in a unique way.

Goats thrive on treats. But this doesn’t mean that you should give them treats directly, because what’s the fun in it? Therefore, you should get a plastic container and fill it with grain or goat feed and then poke some holes inside the container. When they kick the container, some feed will fall from it, and they will start kicking it from here to there. For extended hours of fun, you should try this technique and make a video to share with your friends and family 😉

Hide and seek but in a new way

Create tunnels out of wood, or make nooks and hideaways out of plastic sheets and wraps. You can also incorporate the idea of half-buried tires and make things more fun for your goats. All of these things will provide your goats hours of fun and will make them entertained. This is the best way to keep them occupied and out of trouble. It takes some time for goats to get adjusted to new settings, and that is why you should give it a couple of days and see the results pouring in.

How to keep your goat happy?

Keeping your goat happier is dependent upon many things, but here are some ways that you can allow your goats to stay happier and entertained all the time.

·         Provide them good food

Good food doesn’t certainly mean that you should always give them treats. It means that whatever you are giving them should be clean, full of nutrients, and must always be fresh. Giving your goats fresh and clean food and water will keep your herd happy all the time.

·         Comfortable housing

Ensure that your goats are happier where they are staying. Provide them comfortable housing as this will keep them healthy and satisfied. If you don’t have a barn, make sure that they are staying inside a three-sided shelter. Make sure that the place is adequately fenced, and clean out all the elements that might be hazardous for your goats. If your goats are comfortable with the housing, it means that they will be happy.

·         Proper health care

Just like you, your family, and your pets, goats, too, need proper medical care. Get them regularly checked for any kind of diseases, and do proper vaccination. If your goats feel healthy and fresh, they will be resourceful for you, and most of all, they will stay happy. Look out for any abnormalities or changes in the behavior of goats. It is your duty to keep your goats happy. Therefore regular checkups mustn’t be skipped at any cost.

·         Take them on a walk

If your city laws allow your goats to roam freely, then you should take them on a walk once a week outside your property. Goats are fond of walking, and you should take them out for a walk once in a while. It will allow you to bond with them and ensure that they are feeling satisfied.


Goats are fond of entertainment, and they thrive on doing things that make them happier and keep them entertained all the time. They can be quite mischievous at times, and that is why you should keep them busy so that they don’t make trouble or injure themselves. All of the things mentioned above should be more than enough for you to follow. I, myself, have made a couple of things near my barn to keep my goats entertained. What are you planning on? Make sure to leave a comment, and for further queries, ask a question, and I will ensure a timely response.

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