Is Chicken Feed Bad For Goats? (Veterinarian Speaks)

goats and chicken
Goat and chicken in one barn

Goats will eat anything, but what you try to give them, and what’s beneficial for their health. I have learned these lessons the hard way, and today I will cover this topic in detail with you guys. And to be absolutely honest with you guys, if you don’t separate your goats from your chickens after reading this, the chances are that your goats will suffer in the near future.

Chicken feed is lethal for goats, and you should, at all costs, keep them away from eating it. Chickens and goats can be friendly, and you would like them to bond well, but you shouldn’t keep them under the same roof and should always keep the goats away from eating the food that is meant for chicken. Because if they got the taste of that feed, they would come running for it every time you are feeding your chickens. Additionally, if your goat gets into the chicken feed and eats it, the chances are that it will suffer from extreme diarrhea and will bloat. Additionally, it could be fatal for them. That is why it is recommended that you should feed your chickens inside their coops.

If, by any chance, your goat has eaten chicken feed, immediately use the baking soda along with goat minerals to avoid any reaction. Goat-eating chicken feed is a bad signal, and you should be more vigilant in keeping the goats away from eating other animal’s food.

How to stop a goat from eating chicken feed?

Goats are naughty animals; they will eat chicken feed every time they are left on their own. However, there is a way around that. You can stop a goat from eating chicken feed by putting a cattle panel and allot a small area to chickens, where you will provide them feed. Goats basically live to eat, and they will eat anything that they can find, but this doesn’t mean that you should give them chicken feed. It is hazardous for them.

How to keep goats out of a chicken coop?

Goats and chickens can be overfriendly at times. It is absolutely impossible for you to make a separate barn for goats and a different place for your chickens. For keeping the goats out of the chicken coop, all you can do is to make a coop that is larger enough for the chickens to go inside and small enough that goats cannot go inside. Feed your chickens inside the coop, and feed grain or any other goat food to your goats.

Can chickens and goats be kept together?

In most cases, raising goats and chickens together is possible. If you are self-sufficient and have a lot of space, you can keep them separate. On the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of space, housing them together should be your top priority. Although, keep in mind that chickens are messy creatures, and they will not care about where they are pooping. It may be the case that they are pooping on goat’s food. That is why we recommend that you should house them together but in separate spaces.

Can goats eat chicken poop?

To sum it all, chicken poop is hazardous and contains bacteria that are very harmful to the goat’s health. While keeping chickens and goats together, you need to be extra careful because baby goats are curious animals and can ingest poultry droppings upon seeing.

Can chickens make goats sick?

In most cases, chickens and goats living together don’t turn out to be anything dangerous for both animals. If goats get infected, it doesn’t mean that chickens will get affected too, and likewise.

Bottom Line

Keeping chickens with goats isn’t an easy task. You have to ensure that they aren’t eating each other’s food, aren’t contaminating the place all over, and are minding their own business. However, there are ways that you can control the situation and house both of them together. Here are some tips if you want to keep goats and chickens together.

  • Ensure that the chicken coop cannot be reached by the goats.
  • Watch out for your goat, and prevent it from eating chicken feed.
  • Watch out for harmful conditions. Goats are clean animals while chickens aren’t.
  • Keep the housing clean for both animals.
  • Keep the chicken feed in the hanging feeder, and it must be placed inside the chicken coop.
  • Feed grain or goat food to goats before you release your chickens and after locking them up.

These are some of the simplest things that you can do to ensure that the barn is safe for both animals.


Chicken feed is proven to be hazardous for the goats and may cause them to bloat or die. According to research, controlled tests were done to ensure if the goats get harmed by eating chicken feed, and the results were that it was lethal for the goats to eat chicken food. That is why it is recommended that you should always feed your goats and chickens separately, and if a goat mistakenly eats anything that it shouldn’t, you should give them goat minerals or use a baking soda.

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