What Are The Best Goat Tying Ropes? (USER-FRIENDLY GUIDE)

Goats can be hard to keep if they are not tied. Not every rope is meant to be for goats, as some can be extremely dangerous and could cut their necks or give them scratches, which is why you should be careful before you plan on tying them with an ordinary rope.

goats roaming around on a mountain
Goats roaming around on a mountain

Best tying ropes for goats

·         Spitfire Breakaway Rope 60s Pro

Spitfire Breakaway Rope 60s Pro is one of the finest ropes that you can get for tying your goat. Its dimensions are 17x17x1 inches and weigh around 1.5 pounds meaning that your goats will be comfortable with it around their necks. It was developed by world champions Jackie Crawford and Kelsie Chase and is specifically made to rope goats’ necks. It is super smooth and comes in three sizes that are 40/S, 50/S pro, and 60/S pro. It is one of the most powerfully smooth ropes that you can get your hands on. Made from technically advanced fibers, it allows the loop to stay open, and when delivered, it can clasp around the intended target.

·         GT4 Head Team Rope

It is a four-strand rope that anyone can easily handle. It doesn’t matter if you put it around a bull’s neck or a goat; the rope will do its job perfectly. GT4 Head Team Rope is much durable than any conventional rope and is fit for everyday use. Suppose you are trying to put your goat on a lash, then it is an excellent choice for you. Its length is almost 30 feet, and if you are a fan of blue color, you should definitely go for it.

·         Viper 10.0 (VIPER10)

It comes in five strands making it more durable than its other counterparts. The best thing about this is that it is consistent in what it does. It won’t break over time and is deadly accurate. It can snap back as quickly as you throw it towards the target or tie around your goat or calf’s neck. It is made up of the finest poly-grass, and the strength and stability of this rope are unmatchable. Its length is around 28 inches, which is absolutely perfect. The rope weighs approximately 1.5 pounds, and its dimensions are 17x17x1 inches.

·         Triton 4 Strand Head Rope

Triton 4 strand Head Rope is the only rope you should get if your goat is pregnant or a milk giver. It is made of the industry’s finest raw materials and is more strenuous than others. On the other hand, it is smooth and won’t cut your goat. Due to its durability and long-lasting nature, most people prefer going with this one. It shares similarities with its other counterparts when it comes to dimensions and weighs around 1.5 pounds. Additionally, it comes in four strands, so there is no chance that it will break easily even after a couple of years of usage.

·         2 Ply Goat String

If you want to tie a baby goat because it won’t stop jumping in the whole pen, we recommend that you should invest your money in a small but effective 2 Ply Goat String. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than this. It was specifically designed to give you the weight and balance that you want to feel. It is capable of handling mama goats too. Usually, 2 Ply Goat string will cost you the money equivalent to the others, but these days, Amazon is offering a discount on it, so you better hurry and grab a little one for your goat.

 Roping your goats is necessary to avoid incidents. Always tie your goats if you don’t want them to leave and go away. Goats are escape artists, and they will run off if they don’t trust you enough. I have seen many cases where new goats get nervous and runoff. On the other hand, you don’t want them to roam around freely when you are not there to take care of them. Want to find more about tying goats? Read more below.

What kind of rope do you use for goat tying?

It depends upon the kind of goat. For stronger male goats, I make sure to go with a three-strand rope and even four-ply too. But, for baby goats, I recommend that you should get a two-ply rope. Braided ropes are effective for goat tying as they don’t cut their necks and don’t even leave a scratch, even if the goat tried to escape by pulling it.

How long should the rope be for tying a goat?

Well, it depends upon the size of the goat. If you have a smaller goat, you should go for at least twice her size, and if the goat is adult, the rope must be at least 2.5 her size.

Should you put collars on goats?

Goat collars are necessary, and the information on them must be up to date so that in case the goat gets lost, its beneficial owner can be identified and contacted immediately. Goats are livestock, and you should tie collars around them to ensure their safety and to avoid any financial loss.

Is it cruel to keep a goat on a leash?

As friendly as goats can be, it is mandatory that you must have a collar on them, and they must be put on a leash at all times. If you want them to graze outside, you can loosen the ropes around their necks, but as it is known that goats are escape artists, you should always keep an eye on them. It isn’t cruel if you keep a goat on a leash, as it is for their safety and to avoid your financial loss.

Can you put a got on a chain?

Putting goats on a chain is a cruel practice because it will hurt them. That is why we recommend that you should always tie the goats with a neck collar around their necks and tie it with a rope to avoid any serious injury to the goats. You need the goats to clear a specific area and not roam elsewhere; that is why you should consider trying them at all costs.


Goats are friendly animals. They can become overfriendly over time, but this doesn’t mean that you should stop trying them. There are other ways too, by which you can show them affection such as giving them a treat or taking them on a walk. For their safety, and for your financial wellbeing, and through a great experience, which I have learned the hard way, I would recommend you to put a collar around your goat if they are grazing away from home. The ropes which I mentioned above in the article are durable and user-friendly, and that is why you should only go for them if you want to make a purchase. These ropes are the industry’s finest and won’t break easily, even if you put them around an elephant’s neck (Just saying).

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