What Causes Goats to Wag Their Tails? Detailed Explanation 2022

Different generations of goats wag their tails for varied reasons. Usually, you’ll see adult females or young female goats twirling their tails. There are no complicated explanations behind this, and you shouldn’t be concerned if you notice your goats waving their tails. According to their age and gender, we have provided a detailed explanation of each cause below. Goats may wag their tails to show excitement or delight. If a human or another goat is present, they can be showing affection for one another by doing so. However, wagging tails could also indicate that a dog is simply trying to get rid of a swarm of flies or other insects. It will be simpler to recognize their mood and build a stronger bond with them if you know why they would wag their tail and keep an eye out for when it happens. Let’s find out a little more about why goats wag their tails and what it might indicate. 

What causes younger goats to wag their tails?


A doe recognizes her young goats by the scent on their behinds when they are born. If a different goat approaches for food, she viciously butts the youngster because the scent is still deeply ingrained in her memories. They are quite territorial, therefore they will only feed people whose scent they are familiar.

Kids will therefore wag their tails as they go to eat so that their mother may more easily detect the smell and avoid butting them. The attempt of spraying perfume to cover the smell has also been made, but it has never been successful.

Wagging as a compliment or happy expression

Like puppies, baby goats wag their tails when they are content or happy or even just to show their love. They typically act in this manner in response to the sighting of food or a caregiver, such as their moms or owners.

However, unlike other animals, they are simply overly excited, which is why they wag their tails, not just because they want to be rubbed. Avoid scratching them because doing so may result in strong reactions. They stop doing this habit as they age unless they are ladies who do it for a particular reason.

The tail wag of mature goats

There is undoubtedly a distinction between a young goat’s tail wagging and that of an older goat. Adult goats no longer primarily identify themself by wagging their tails.

Here are some causes for their tails to wag

To keep flies away

There are probably a lot of flies and other insects around your goats if you live in hot or humid conditions. They are drawn to the goat excrement, and we all know where that comes from. due to swarming flies or insects  Fly and pest infections, in particular, cause livestock to become increasingly agitated and uncomfortable.

In the case of goats, they frequently urinate while sitting or moving around, which draws flies and other insects to them. It is usual for goats and other livestock to wag their tails in reaction to this in an effort to scare off mosquitoes and other insects. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do anything to help your goat in this scenario; they will just have to put up with it.

Sexual arousal

When a female adult goat is in heat and ready to mate, the tail will wag. They use it as a message to male goats. In essence, the female is spreading her fragrance, and the male goats understand this. How can you determine whether your adult female goat is acting aroused by the way her tail is wagging? You can pretty much be certain that it’s the breeding season if you listen to see if they are making more noises with their mouths or if they have a swollen vulva. Similar to dogs, goats can use tail wagging to express affection to their caretakers by being happy to see them!

You can be sure they desire to be handled or played with if they saunter over wagging their tail. They are anticipating a one-time if you observe their tail wagging more quickly as you get closer.

Whenever they feel anxious or upset

When they are frightened or feel threatened, goats can also wag their tails. When they are angry or when something is irritating them, the same is true. Stimulation from the outside that affects your goat’s emotional state will cause its tail to wag. This stimulus may cause positive emotions like happiness and enthusiasm or it may cause negative emotions like dread.

What kind of goats have tails that wag?

There isn’t a particular breed of goat that wags its tail, unlike fainting goats, which are a specific kind of goat. All goat breeds have the characteristic behavior of wagging their tails, which they all do. All goats experience joy and excitement as well as dealing with flies and other insects. Furthermore, at some time, they were all babies. All goats go through/experience these activities, hence tail wagging is a universal goat behavior.

Can goats stop their tail from wagging?

Goats can control their tail wagging, the answer to this question is yes, but this behavior can be either voluntary or involuntary. Goats wag their tails for a number of reasons, but it’s not always on purpose.

Although they are able to regulate it, goats normally wag their tails naturally as a response to their environment or as a reflex to the circumstance at hand. Both direct voluntary cognition and control and involuntary innate movement are capable of being used by goats to manage their tails.

In conclusion, yes, goats do wag their tails, and it happens frequently. Goats can wag their tails for a number of different causes, including happiness or excitement, and the action can be both voluntary and involuntary. Even though they can control their tail, goats may react more instinctively than consciously.


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