What Is the Cost of a Goat? Basic Prices 2023

Purchasing a goat or herd of goats can first feel overwhelming, but with the appropriate knowledge, you can be well-prepared to get the best goat worth your money. A goat’s price does not necessarily indicate if it is worth the money, nor does a goat’s low cost imply that something is wrong with it. The price of a goat is affected by a number of things.

In order to obtain the most value for your money, it is critical to be very clear about what you are looking for. Age, breed, kind, gender, and farmer circumstances are all important factors that affect a goat’s purchasing price. Although there isn’t predetermined pricing for how much a goat should cost, there is a general understanding of how much goats will cost in 2021.

Depending on their age, gender, quality, lineage, and performance, goats can cost anywhere from $0 to over $2,000 each. Goats that are male are typically less expensive than female goats. In order to avoid overpaying for a goat and make it easier for you to find offers, you must be aware of the normal price for a particular breed of goat.

Types of goats usually purchased for dairy

Goats that have been bred expressly to be able to produce more milk than the typical amount are known as dairy goats. This indicates that they are capable of producing sufficient quantities of milk for both their owners and their offspring.

Ideal dairy goat breeds include Alpine, La Mancha, Nigerian Dwarf, and Saanen goats.

Meat goats

Goats raised for the production of meat are those that are not the best for producing milk. This suggests that farmers do not milk them throughout the year; rather, they are raised and bred for their meat.

As a result of their poor milk production, meat goats are commonly referred to as such, even though not all owners plan to use their goats for meat production. Meat goats include varieties such as the Boer, Kiko, Pygmy, and fainting goat.


Goats serve two purposes can provide farmers with an adequate amount of milk and also function effectively as meat goats. Farmers raise Nubian goats to produce both meat and milk, making them dual-purpose animals. Depending on the breeds involved, mixed-breed goats frequently fit into this group.

Goats that are bred and frequently registered as “display goats” have a track record of winning goat and livestock events. Although they can be used for meat or dairy production, they are mostly created for exhibition competitions.

The American Dairy Goat Association, the American Goat Society, the ADGA, or other breed-specific registries will receive these goats’ registrations. Due to their defined bloodlines, competitive nature, and potential to generate income through the production of offspring, show-quality goats are generally much more costly than other types of goats.

Pet goats


The goats marketed as pets are ones that are meant to be both pets and companion animals. They could be unregistered purebred goats, dairy, meat, or dual-purpose goats. Even if goats aren’t the major focus of the farm, pet goats are wonderful complements.

On a farm, goats of almost any breed make wonderful pets and companion animals. Pet goats are typically more affordable than dairy or meat-producing goats and far less expensive than registered display goats.

Additional factors that could impact the cost of a goat

Male versus female

Due to their capacity for reproduction, female goats typically cost more than their male counterparts. Additionally, it is more difficult to find them for sale because many goat farms keep all of the best does they produce. Due to the high market demand and the constrained supply, farmers rightfully expect higher prices for them.

For a few reasons, male goats are less expensive than females. Due to the possibility of fighting, most farms only need one or two intact male billy goats on their property, therefore demand is limited.


Age plays a significant role in a goat’s original cost. Goats who are still young and need to be bottle-fed will be less expensive than those that have already stopped drinking milk. The owner makes money by selling the goat while it is a baby, but the buyer spends time and money on the transaction.

Younger goats are more expensive than older goats who are past their peak and may not be able to procreate. The most expensive goats are those who are 1.5 to 2 years old and are just starting to reach breeding age.


Depending on the availability of the goat breed in your area and what it offers, different breeds can cost varying amounts.

Boer goats are arguably the most well-liked and can fetch the highest prices provided they are high-quality, registered, and female. Due to their tiny size, Pygmy and Nigerian dwarf goats are typically a little less expensive.


The price of a goat is strongly influenced by its quality. A goat of high quality will be strong and well-fed, with a nice coat and skin. They will be from tough stock and have no obvious wounds. Regardless of breeding, higher-quality goats will be more expensive than lower-quality ones.

Goats that appear unwell and may require a lot of extra care are considered to be of lower grade. They might not be able to move around easily, and their coats will look bad. Avoid buying cheap goats, and always get them examined by a doctor to rule out illness or parasites before introducing them to other goats on your property.

Goats that have been castrated or wethers

Castrated male goats are referred to as wethers, and their price ranges widely. Male goats who have had their reproductive organs removed are known as castrated goats. They often cost a bit more than a young, intact male goat since they are castrated earlier, which is more convenient for the customer.

However, not all farmers charge more for castration, particularly if the goats are young. Wethers are more affordable than intact bucks or billy goats that are being sold for their potential as breeding animals.


Many factors that may or may not be significant to you as the buyer affect goat pricing in the US. Before you begin your search for a goat or herd of goats, it is important to clearly define your criteria. You’ll get the most for your money and avoid overcharging if you know exactly what kind of goat you need.


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